Pinot Noir good for children’s health



Don’t panic, no-one is suggesting children drink the wine – it was auctioned and the money raised donated to help pay for ear nose and throat operations at Dunedin’s Mercy Hospital for children who wouldn’t qualify for public treatment.

The $25,000 donation from Central Otago’s Pinot Noir Charitable Trust is matched dollar for dollar by the hospital’s Outreach Fund and will enable about 20 children to have surgery.

I was at my GP’s last week and the high rate of illiteracy among prisoners was raised in conversation. He said that there is also a high rate of deafness among prisoners.

Children who don’t hear properly, don’t learn properly and those who don’t learn properly are more likely to turn to crime so these operations could do more than keep the children out of the public health system, they might keep some out of jail.

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