Eight oaks line the road on the outskirts of Enfield. Another grows in the grounds of what was the school.

Under each is a stark, white cross on which is the name of a man who was killed in WWI.

Other such trees line Severn Street on State Highway 1 in Oamaru and more are planted through the town and district,

 . . .this living memorial is being cherished by the North Otago community. The men are not forgotten. Their memory is literally implanted in the landscape of Oamaru and North Otago.

Memorial Oaks


In 1919 locals planted 400 oak trees in North Otago, one for every  serviceman from the district killed during the war.

They radiated from a hub in Oamaru to the countryside, planted where possible close to the home of the men they honour.

Many of the trees, or a replacement, still grow, providing a living memorial to the young men from out district, who went to war and didn’t return.

The trees are growing older as the men they commemorate didn’t.


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