Parade no place for politics


A float featuring a model of a 12-week-old foetus has been banned from today’s Alexandra Blossom Festival parade.

Organisers found the image obscene and offensive, and say it didn’t fit with the event’s family image.

It’s the first ban in the parade’s 57-year history. . .

Organisers suggested replacing the two-metre model with dolls, saying the striking image was too political.

“We’re not here to promote a cause, which is of great concern, and an image which frankly as the father of an 11-year-old, I really didn’t want the responsibility of trying to explain that to my daughter,” says festival organiser Martin McPherson. . .

Even with the less confrontational approach suggested  by organisers, I put this in the same category as Falun Gong which was banned from Auckland’s Christmas parade.

These parades are designed to be family entertainment and aren’t the place for political protests.

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