Melamine taint prompts recalls in Sth Korea


Nestle and Mars branded snacks made in China have been recalled in South Korea after melamine was detected in samples.

The Korea Food and Drug Administration says the industrial chemical has been found in M&M’s and Snickers peanut Fun Size, both produced by Mars in China.

Kit Kat bars from Nestle were also found carrying melamine, bringing the total number of melamine-detected items to 10 in Seoul.

The report doesn’t mention whether the amounts of melamine detected were at dangerous levels, but given the deaths and illnesses in China recalls are a sensible precaution.

More melamine contamination


The Wall Street Journal reports that 31 more batches of Chinese milk powder were found to be conaminated with melamine.

The new batches were mostly milk-powder products for adults. A previous round of tests found melamine in 69 batches of infant milk powder.

The new figure brings to at least 100 the number of tested batches of milk powder found to contain melamine. Dozens of brands sold by more than a score of dairy firms, including some of China’s biggest names, have been among those tested.

A Japanese company is recalling custard tarts imported from China which contain tiny amounts of melamine.

The level of contamination posed no risk to health “if (an average adult) keeps eating 428 of them every day for life,” the company said in a statement. The company said it has received no reports of health problems.

And tests in Hong Kong cleared sweets produced by several Western brands and manufactured in China, including Mars, Cadbury and Kraft.

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