Flag of the day

July 15, 2015

The Flag Consideration Panel is inviting people to upload designs for a new flag.

There are more than 7000 in the gallery.

Submissions close tomorrow.

The top three at Rate the Flag when I checked last night were:


Pikopiko Southern Cross (#7297)

Designed by: Geoffrey Joe

This is a re-bound of Grant Pascoe’s ‘Pikopiko’ (https://www.govt.nz/browse/engaging-with-government/the-nz-flag-your-chance-to-decide/gallery/design/5641) with the added sky blue and southern-cross.


Maori And Nz/Euro (#2305)

Designed by: Jeffy James (On John Ansell’S Website)

It’s a combination of Maori and NZ/Euro reflecting the Treaty of Waitangi and the way NZers live like my family with both NZ/Euro and Maori family members. It’s arty and stylish and not colonial looking.

By Chris Roberts:

Simple. Modern. Clean. Distinctive.

The two contrasting colours used are white and deep blue. White is used for the stars of the Southern Cross and the rolling cloud. The deep blue background represents both the clean skies and the Pacific Ocean surrounding New Zealand.

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