Siege over, hostage dead


The Sydney siege has ended with two dead – the gunman, Man Haron Monis, and a hostage.

Terror knows no borders nor does it respond to reason but the response to the aftermath must be one of reason.

This was the response of Brian Andreas to the 9.11 attacks in the USA, it is just as appropriate to this morning’s tragedy.

awakening StoryPeople print by Brian Andreas

In those days, we finally chose to walk like giants & hold the world in arms grown strong with love & there may be many things we forget in the days to come, but this will not be one of them.

Awakening  ©2014 Brian Andreas


Andrei quite rightly points out in his comment this wasn’t a terrorist attack. It was the actions of one man who appears to have been mentally ill.

The deaths of two innocent people is none the less tragic because of that.

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