Best done quickly


MacBeth was right: If it were done when tis done, then ’twere well. It were done quickly and Darren Hughes has followed his advice by resigning from parliament before the mess surrounding police inquiries gets worse.

This is not an admission of guilt and he says:

Although people are commonly thought to be innocent until proven guilty, it has become clear to me that this doesn’t apply in the political arena,” he said.

“I have done nothing wrong, and I remain confident that the legal process will have the right outcome.

“My immediate focus is on clearing my name. I will continue to co-operate fully with the Police inquiry, which will unfortunately need to continue in the glare of publicity.”

One motivation for his resignation is to take the heat off the Labour Party but there are enough question over Phil Goff’s handling of this issue to make that unlikely, especially if the rumours of the New York Branch of the party is helping MPs do the numbers to roll Goff.

MacBeth was mulling over an assassination when he spoke about acting quickly. It is probable that at least some Labour MPs are contemplating the political equivalent.

August 15 in history


On August 15:

1040 The Scottish King Duncan was killed by his cousin MacBeth.

Duncan I
(Donnchad mac Crínáin)

1015 1057  Macbeth was killed.


1769 Napoleon Bonaparte was born.

The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries, by Jacques-Louis David, 1812

1771 Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott was born.

Raeburn’s portrait of Sir Walter Scott

1912 US chef Julia Child was born.

1914 The Panama Canal opened.

1945 World War II ended with the surrender of Japan, marked as VJ Day.

1947 India gained independence from Britain.

Horizontal tricolour flag (deep saffron, white, and green). In the center of the white is a navy blue wheel with 24 spokes. Three lions facing left, right,and toward viewer, atop a frieze containing a galloping horse, a 24-spoke wheel, and an elephant. Underneath is a motto "सत्यमेव जयते".

1948 The Republic of Korea (South Korea) was established.

  Coat of arms

1950 Princess Anne was born.


1969 The Woodstock music and art festival opened.

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