Is it really greener and does anyone want to find out?


Dark greens  have long been campaigning on the environmental evils of disposable napkins but now they’ve gone a step further – reusable cloths instead of loo paper.

Should you have the stomach for it you could follow the link above for instructions on how to store clean and used cloths and then comes this advice on laundering:

Wash in hot, dry in the dryer. You may add whatever laundry additives you desire – chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach, tea tree oil, lavender oil, stain remover, whatever.

And that’s raises the question – would all the energy, water and the production and disposal of additives requried for the washing and drying be any better for the environment than loo paper?

I don’t care what the answer is because resuable bum wiping cloths are several green steps too far for me.

Hat Tip: Micky’s Muses

Over or under?


Time for a discussion on what really matters: is it better to have the end of the loo paper coming over the roll or under it?

Andrew Hedges  put two new rolls into the loo at his workplace and discovered the one with the paper coming over the top was used much faster than the one where the end came underneath.

I have a theory as to why this is the case (this is where the usability part comes in). With an over roll, you can easily see where the end of the TP is. There is no ambiguity about where to grab hold. With under rolls, you’re lucky to see a little corner of the last square. Usually, you have to bend down, grope around, or spin the roll to find the last square.

He may be right, but what I want to know is, regardless of whether the end’s over or under,  why people use both rolls at once instead of using one then the other?

If one roll is used first as in the photo above then the empty core might remind someone to replace it with a new roll. If both are used at the same time chances are they’ll run out at the same time leaving none when it’s needed.

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3 ply beats 2


Apropos of the previous post: Toilet paper researchers  in Winsconsin reckon that if 2 ply loo paper is good then 3 ply will be better.

It’s going to be sold to:  women 45 and older who view their bathroom as a “sanctuary for quality time”.

Any woman with young children will know that not even in the loo can she be assured of a few minutes of “quality time”.

And while the quality of toilet tissue is not unimportant, I’d like to think that any women without young children would have many more pleasurable places to provide a sanctury than the loo – be it stocked with 2 or 3 ply paper.

Why didn’t someone think of this before?


Cottonsoft is selling loo paper rolls which have twice the length of paper as conventional rolls.

It doesn’t solve the problem of people who don’t know how to discard the empty core and replace it with a new roll, but it does halve the potential number of times they don’t do it.

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