Running record of election returns

22/09/2010 is providing a running record of election returns for the 35 councils whose votes it’s processing, including comparisons with the number of votes cast at the same stage in the last two elections.

After just two days it’s too soon to draw reliable conclusions but it will be interesting to follow the trend.

Our voting papers came with Monday’s mail, I started to fill mine out but put it aside because I’m still not certain about where to put a couple of ticks.

The media is often blamed for not covering local body issues and candidates well, but a lot of candidates aren’t helping themselves.

Local Government On Line has a website on which candidates can post photos and information which voters can find by typing in their address.

Only one of the four mayoral candidates, none of the five district council candidates, neither of the two regional council candidates and only four of the 11 health board candidates for whom I can vote have bothered to post anything.

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