The Lazy Dog


Sometimes you get a menu and are scratching to find something that appeals.

This was not the case when we stopped for lunch at The Lazy Dog a couple of weeks ago.

The menu full of tempting dishes,from light snacks to hearty meals. We both chose tomato soup, chunky with olives,  served with fresh bread and accompanied by a glass of pinot noir.

lazy dog 1

The cafe at Queensberry on the Wanaka-Cromwell Road is owned by Dean – a former seal diver and chef in the South African navy – and Diana Harker. It’s also the cellar door for Lochaburn wines.

 The couple leased the cafe at Akarua Winery in Bannockburn before building the Lazy Dog.

The name is part of the story of changing land use. Grape vines now grow where merinos used to graze and the dogs which no longer have to work the sheep grow lazy in the vineyard.

As a poem on the cafe wall explained:

The Old ewe stamps, her sneering eyes

Say, “Now young dog I did advise

You step aside or get a shunt

You’re no tough hound, you are a runt.”

He whines uneasily in his sleep

She’s got him worried, that old sheep.

In dreams as in his waking days

That ewe eats dog as well as hay.


Now vines climb up hill faces steep

They’re farming grapes instead of sheep.

The sheep have gone  (the old ewe too)

There’s nothing for a dog to do.

He’ll go no more through wind and fog,

For now he is a lazy dog.

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