World Laughter Day


Today is World Laughter Day.

World Laughter Day was created in 1998 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement. The celebration of World Laughter Day is a positive manifestation for world peace and is intended to build up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter. Its popularity has grown exponentially with that of the Laughter Yoga movement now counting thousands of Laughter Clubs in more than 100 countries. . . .

It’s also the 20th anniversary of the Laughter Yoga:


Parliamentary prayer to be replaced


The prayer which opens each sitting of parliament is to be axed and replaced with something more appropriate for 21st century New Zealand.

Discussion on the appropriateness of a prayer when parliament now has adherents of a range of religions and a number of agnostics and atheists had prompted the change.

Speaker’s spokeswoman Faith Ornot said the speaker was also concerned about the hypocrisy of starting with a prayer when the behaviour which followed was anything but sanctified.

“MPs aren’t allowed to use the H word in the house and we don’t think it’s appropriate to start with something which turns many of them into hypocrites,” she said.

“Instead, the speaker will tell a joke to inject a little levity into the House and start proceedings with a smile.”

Ms Ornot said that there will be a session of Laughter Yoga immediately before the House sits to get MPs into the mood.

“Laughter Yoga has proven physiological and psychological benefits which we think will improved the well-being and mood of MPs.

“It will also be introduced across the public service.”

Ms Ornot said Laughter Yoga sessions would be optional at first but compulsory for all parliamentarians and public servants from April 1 next year.


Calories and laughter


Discussion with Jim Mora on Critical Mass today was sparked by:

* What 200 calories look like (not much if it’s got fat and sugar, quite a bit with vitamins).

* World Laughter Day: How a Laughing Fit Sparked an International Movement.

Apropos of both – laughing and eating are generally mutually exclusive so the more you laugh the less you eat and vice versa.

Natural pain killer


Laughter – the world’s best natural pain killer:

Photo: LAUGHTER!!! is a Great Pain-killer!!! All your PAIN will become Champagne if you Laugh For No Reason!!!!  Pass on ha ha ha Love Dr K


Stress and muscle tension, lethargy and constant fatigue, frequent headaches,

Directions for Use:

Stand in a spacious place, either indoors or outdoors along with a group of 5 or 6 people. Apply a little force and simulate laughter for natural relief from pain,. Continue for 10-15 minutes and see the magic of laughter work.


For best results, the instant action formula of Laughter should be used as often as possible, Application once a day protects you all day. Can be used mixed in groups of by itself.


Do not store Laughter. Use it generously whenever needed.

From Laughter Yoga

Take as required

Laughter Club: Heals you Naturally, Protects you from Infections!!! Directions for Use: Stand in an open place, throw your arms up towards to sky and LAUGH FOR NO REASON.

Laughter Club!!! Heals you Naturally, Protects you from Infections!!! Directions for Use: Stand in an open place, throw your arms up towards to sky and LAUGH FOR NO REASON!!! ha ha ha

As prescribed by Laughter Yoga

The only cosmetic you really need


Apply liberally:

Guaranteed to make you look and feel wonderful!
Hat tip: Laughter Yoga.

Donations helps delivery of best medicine


Museum Hotel owner and philanthropist Chris Parkin has donated $30,00 for clown doctors in Wellington:

“I thought ‘here’s an opportunity, someone’s got to step up’ and I agreed to  funding the first year of the programme.

“It’s a tremendous cause, it’s something that anybody can get involved in,  especially anyone who has spent time in hospital themselves as a young  person…they’ll see the value in this straight away,” Mr Parkin says.

His donation will be enough for eight new clowns – they will rotate in pairs  to cover an afternoon shift at the hospital once every week.

Clown Doctors New Zealand introduced clown doctoring into Christchurch  hospital in 2009 and it has since spread to Auckland’s Starship Hospital and now  to Wellington Regional  Hospital.

Clown doctors – also known as medical clowns – are not actual doctors but  artists and performers who are trained in medical care and in the art of clown  doctoring.  

Founder and chief executive of Clown Doctors New Zealand Tom Petschner says  the programme right across the country relies on donations and support from  charities.

Auditions for the clown doctors will be held today at the Museum Art Hotel.

I did a weekend laughter yoga workshop last year which was lots of fun. Among the information we got was references to scientific studies proving the physiological and psychological benefits of laughing.

Laughter really is the best medicine and the donation will ensure it’s delivered to children in Wellington hopsitals.

TV3 has a video on clown doctors here.

There’s more about laughter yoga here.

Laugh for peace


Three years ago I did a bungy jump from the bridge across the Kawarau River.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I enjoyed the experience but it has had a positive impact on my life.

Now when I am faced with something challenging I think, if I can throw myself off a bridge then  I can do this.

What’s more as a result of that jump I now deliberately do something outside my comfort zone at least once a year because I know I can and feel better for it.

I tackled this year’s challenge last weekend. It was a Laughter Yoga workshop which though challenging in anticipation was not at all challenging in the doing.

The premise behind Laughter Yoga is that anyone can laugh for no reason without relying on or resorting to comedy, humour or jokes.

In a LY session laughter is initiated through laughter exercises then with eye contact and childlike (but not childish) playfulness it soon turns into real and contagious laughter.

Its called LY because laughter exercises are combined with yoga breathing, bringing more oxygen into the body and brain which boosts energy, health and well being.

LY is backed up by science, including the fact that the body can’t differentiate between fake and real laughter if it’s done willingly. Whether you’re faking it or laughing for real you get the same physiological and psychological benefits.

LY was started by a medical doctor, Dr Madan Kataria, with just five people in a Mumbai park. There are now thousands of laughter clubs in more than 65 countries.

Last weekend a dozen learners and two facilitators of us gathered in the Otago Pioneer Women’s hall (a gem of a building in Moray Place which I must have passed by hundreds of times without ever noticing).

We learned about the four stages of LY through doing – starting with clapping, then deep breathing and stretching followed by laughter exercises and relaxation/meditation.

I did a short session by myself on Monday which wasn’t as much fun as the groups ones had been, but still gave similar benefits afterwards and I went down to Dunedin for a Laughter Yoga session  last night.

It didn’t feel physically demanding at the time but I’m noticing stomach muscles I obviously hadn’t used for a long time.

I’m also feeling more relaxed, energised and in control than I have for longer than I can remember.

Laughter Yoga isn’t magic but it’s cast a spell over me and I’m loving it.

One of the exercises you can do is laughter arguing. You sit in pairs back to back, tell each other exactly what you think – at the same time, in gibberish with an Italian accent.

I defy you to stay angry after that which shows that LY isn’t only good for individuals but for relationships.

A smile is the shortest bridge between two people, if smiling and laughing work between individuals why not groups, communities and even countries?

Why not laugh for peace?

Today is the International Day of Peace (Facebook page here) and this post is a contribution to Save the Children’s blog for peace. There is more on their Facebook page.

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You can read more about LY at on Facebook and YouTube.

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If laughter’s the best medicince . . .


. . .  this is a good time for laughter yoga:

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