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Efficiency over etiquette – Offsetting Behaviour on whether manners matter. He also points out the flaws in reatailers’ campaign to charge GST on mail order purchases under $400  from overseas in transaction costs and tax.

Chart of the day deadwood edition  – Dim Post on which opposition MPs get in the Herald how often.

Rejecting drivel in favour of thoughtful writing – Eye to the Long Run on words and phrases to avoid.

Amusing crime uound up – Anna Sandiford, Forensic Scientist at Sciblogs, whos crime can make you laugh.

Golf Sierra Lima: lessons learned –  Latitude 44 reflects on a gliding accident.

And if you click no other do click this: Apres nous, le deluge – Andrew Geddis on the first cabinet after the election which begins:

 Phil Goff (Prime Minister) (Sitting astride a Harley-Davidson whilst dressed in a leather jacket, motorcycle helmet and red-top gumboots, with a lamb carelessly tossed across his shoulder): If we could come to order, please. I think we might begin proceedings with a motion of thanks to the man who has made this day possible .. .

Aitch or Haitch?


Today’s Critical Mass discussion with Jim Mora of on-line discoveries started where last weeks finished : Haitch or aitch how do you pronounce h?

From there we moved to Latitude 44 where Alex posted on a gliding mishap in Mayday Mayday for Sierra Lima.

Then, a couple of weeks too late for Movember, – An Ode to the Beard at Will Type for Food.

Did you see the one about . . .


 Going post-espresso with Chemex – Half Pie takes a scientific approach to coffee.

The tyrrany of power point – Alison Campbell at Sciblogs on the pluses and minuses of technological assistance in communication.

All White on the Night – Opposable Thumb takes us down several pegs.

Blocking out the still small voice – NZ Conservative on the necessity of boredom and also Churchill become non-smoker via air brush –  fags (of the tobacco kind) are censored but S&M isn’t.

The decline of civilisation – Not PC on questions. While there Roll it experimental housing- University of Karlsruhe is also worth a look.

A blog of one’s own – Schroedinger’s Tabby turns two.

Public Opinion – Quote Unquote on modern media.

Houston we have . . . . a lot of snow – Laughy Kate reports on gameshow recruits.

 At the end of the earth  Latitude 44 muses on cultural identity

Critical Mass


In A Strange Land, Latitidue 44 and Musty Moments were the blogs I discussed with Jim Mora on Critical Mass yesterday.

In A Strange Land is on my list of top 20ish blogs. Its author is Deborah, a New Zealander living in Adelaide, who writes from a strong feminist, moderate left perspective on politics and life.

Her posts vary from serious and reasoned consideration of issues to reflections on life, family stories, delicious recipes and lately she’s given us a glimpse of her kitchen alterations.

Jim asked me is she was stroppy like Cactus Kate and Roarprawn. I hope none of them is insulted that I said no.

Deborah wrote a post mentioning Critical Mass yesterday. It includes a selection of past posts which new comers to the blog might enjoy.

Latitude 44 is written by Alex who, after five years working for a software company in San Francisco, is taking some time off to explore the Southern Hemisphere. S/he (I thought Alex was a he but when I re-read the posts realised that was an assumption which may not be correct) is living in Omarama which is one of the world’s best gliding bases.

It’s a newish blog – started in February. Posts so far cover his/her plans, journey to New Zealand, first impressions, an insight into gliding and the latest post is on happiness and the corporate you.

Musty Moments is the work of Ross Horsley who describes himself as a timid librarian by day and a frenzied fan of gory slasher movies by night. It’s an online scrapbook of unusual and amusing snippets he unearths while working at a history library. It also features his comic strip experiment, The Wesleys.  He hasn’t updated that for a while but if you go back a couple of pages you’ll find them.

My plan for my spot on Critical Mass is to discuss both the more popular blogs and also some of the less well known ones.

You’re welcome to suggest blogs for consideration.

Did you see the one about . . .


Our contemporary sanctimony puts Vicorians to shame – Thoedore Dalrymple at Pyjamas Media.

Major announcement – Macdoctor sums up the state of the nation’s biggest paper.

We attempt to clip the chickens’ wings  at Private Secret Diary (hat tip Quote UnQuote)

Back to the good old days Keeping Stock doesn’t approve but he does admire a good streak.

The humble swede – Rivetting Kate Taylor in praise of the vegetable which fuels southern stock & people.

Peachy – In A Strange Land is cooking again.

Happy birthday to us – the Hand Mirror celebrates two years in the blogosphere.

Heart  Craft is the New Black with a speech from her grand mother, you might also enjoy Introducing Nana.

Don’t believe everything you read on a T-shirt – unintended humour at Something Goes Here

Banal expression banned on radio – at Eye2thelong run – if only they were.

Tramping without the scroggin and singalongs – Karl du Fresne with tips on the Tongariro Crossing.

Key to victory – meida coverage of the 2008 election at Liberation.

New blog – Latitude 44 is leaving the USA to go gliding in Omarama.

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