Ongoing saga of Easter trading

March 27, 2012

The Labour Department is reminding retailers they’re not supposed to trade on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Ho hum, here we go again.

The Biannual Warbirds Over Wanaka will attract thousands of people to the town.

They’ll be able to buy whatever’s on sale at the airport, in service stations, tourist shops and dairies but not buy exactly the same things in shops unless they pop over the hill to Queenstown where all shops are allowed to open.

This law is an ass.

Shops may open despite risk of being shopped

April 9, 2009

Wanaka shops aren’t confirming whether or not they’ll defy Easter trading laws  and open tomorrow and Sunday.

But if past actions are any indication they will and people will take the opportunity offered for retail therapy.

The law enables all shops  just over the hill in Queenstown to open because it’s deemed to be a toruist resort, but not those in Wanaka.

Even sillier is that it allows one business in Wanaka to open because it sells to tourists but the one next door can not open legally even though it sells much the same thing.

Then of course because the law prohibits some businesses from opening, Labour Department staff have to work on the holiday to fine shop owners for working.

Whether they target Wanaka as they have in the past, and whether they shop after shopping the shops  for opening to shoppers will remain to be seen.

Kiwiblog has his annual rant on Easter Trading and Big News posts on the issue too.

Cover up corrosive

October 3, 2008

The States Services Commssion report on immigration  found then head of the service head Mary Anne Thompson,’s family got special treatment.

The inquiry by the State Services Commission is highly critical of Mary Anne Thompson’s bosses and the department for failing to act appropriately when staff tried to raise concerns.

By keeping the matter hidden, they had created doubt and a loss of trust among immigration staff, to the extent that it was having “significantly corrosive effects”.

Labour Department chief executive Christopher Blake said:

“I want to take this opportunity to reiterate that the behaviour described in the report is completely unacceptable to me. As the SSC report indicates, the problems were caused at leadership level, but I am confident that we are making changes to improve our business and prevent a similar situation happening again.”

It’s almost impossible to have policies and procedures that can’t be circumvented by people in the know, but if safeguards in thw system work properly any breaches ought to be picked up quickly and dealt with appropriately.

Obviously the checks and balances were faulty before but this report ought to ensure they’re working properly now.

Keeping Stock  also looks at the SSC report.

Update: The report is on line here  and Kiwiblog posts on it here.

Update 2: The Inquiring Mind posts his 21st and 22nd updates on the immigration scandal.

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