Peace in our time


The Korean War is nearly over.

A vow is not the same as actually signing a peace treaty and keeping to it, but let’s hope this is at the very least the beginning of the end of the war.


Our oldest and longest-serving staff member served in the New Zealand Army in Korea.

One of those beneficiaries


The Veterans’ Support Bill unanimously passed its first reading last night.

“The Veterans’ Support Bill enables the Government to better meet the needs of both older veterans who require assistance to remain in their own homes and veterans of modern-day deployments,” Mr Woodhouse says.

“The Government recognises the significant sacrifice and contribution our veterans have made for our country. Replacing the outdated War Pensions Act 1954 with this modern bill demonstrates our commitment to those who have given service.”

The Veteran’ Support Bill follows a Law Commission report that provided the most comprehensive review of veterans’ entitlements in 60 years.

“The Government has adopted 132 of the 170 recommendations reported by the Law Commission as part of a $60 million package of changes of which this Bill forms the material part.

“I have received positive feedback from a number of veterans on the changes, and have confidence the Veterans’ Support bill will better meet their needs and provide the support they require going forward.”

The Bill contains many of the same provisions as the current Act. The service eligibility criteria remain the same and all veterans currently covered under the 1954 Act will have coverage under the new legislation.

Veterans from the Korean War are among those who will benefit from this legislation.

Most of us haven’t got any closer to that war than watching MASH on TV.

But National MP Melissa Lee is Korean and made a moving speech in parliament last night. She spoke of what our service people did, how it helped the people and describing herself as one of those beneficiaries:

July 27 in history


On July 27:

1866 the Trans-Atalantic cable was completed enabling Transatlantic telegraph communication.

1940 The character Bugs Bunny was introduced in an animated short film A Wild Hare.

1953 The Korean War ended.

1963 New Zealand’s pioneer aviator George Bolt died.

Sourced from Wikipedia & NZ History online.

June 25 in history


On June 25:

1860 the first Maori King, Potatau Te Wherowhero, died.

1874 Rose Cecil O’Neill who created the Kewpie doll was born.

1903  British author George Orwell was born.

1938 Dr Douglas Hide was inaugurated as the first President of Ireland.

Douglas Hyde

 1950 The Korean War started.

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