Ag part of the tech boom


Politik discusses Knowledge Wave Mark Two which seeks to boost the tech sector and quotes Helen Clark from the original Knowledge Wave conference:

Our export profile resembles that of developing countries, not that of a developed one.

Our export profile is unique among developed countries for the volume and value of primary produce and the large part that plays in our economy.

But the quote, and some policies from this government, send the message that there’s something wrong with that.

They ignore the fact that primary production does so well in New Zealand not just because of our natural advantages – the climate and soils – but because of the investment in, and application of, research and technology.

There is some comfort in David Parker’s statement:

“The agritech sector has been chosen as a key focus because it brings together two of New Zealand’s key competitive advantages – our expertise in agriculture and horticulture with our well-educated workforce,” he said.

This focus is already being undermined by government policy which incentivises forestry over food production.

Economic growth,  a broader based export economy and technological innovation are all worthy goals but none should be achieved by dragging down or devaluing primary production.

Our export profile does resemble that of a third world country, but primary production in New Zealand is very much a first-world business and already part of the tech boom.

When climate change could threaten food security, our ability to produce highly nutritious food in a very efficient manner is of even more importance.



Trust me – they need our help


The election has been announced and Helen Clark says it will be about trust.

There are several problems with that, Keeping Stock lists some here  and another is she hasn’t trusted us with any Labour Party policy yet.

She’s obviously been too busy with other things to worry about minor details like telling us what she’ll do if we’re silly enough to let Winston Peters and her loose with the reins of government again so I think we should help her with some policy ideas.

How about electoral law which has a chilling effect on democracy?

Politics before principle?

Retrospective legislation to make stealing from the tax payer for political purposes legal?

A see no, hear no, speak no evil approach to ministerial misdeeds?

A knowledge wave that means waving goodbye to our skilled workers?

Oh, silly me, that’s what she gave us this term although none were on the pledge card we paid for.

So what will she offer to tempt the voters this time and what won’t she tell us about but intend to do?

Your ideas are welcome – and the best one will get the biggest laugh.

The Knowledge Wave explained


Remember the Knowledge Wave?

Conway Powell, National’s Dunedin South  candidate said at his campaign launch today he’s worked out what it means: waving goodbye to our knowledgable graduates as they leave New Zealand for better opportunities overseas.

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