Just what are we licking?


An ice cream judge proved that ice cream is better licked from a cone than eaten from a spoon but a school girl’s science project found we could be getting more than ice cream in the cone.

The ODT reports that Kim Shultz tested ice cream from 17 dairies for her entry in the Aurora Otago Science and Technology Fair and discovered that five of them were contaminated by E-coli bacteria. One of those was also contaminated by the staphylococcus aureus micro-organism.

Andrew Tagg, an Otago graduate, and also a judge at the fair, said the practice in some shops of allowing ice cream scoops to sit in warm, “dirty” water for much of the day could result in micro-organisms growing in the water and on the scoop.

This will be filed in the things-Iwish-I-didn’t-know-but-can’t-forget draw. But I’ll hide it under the memories of all the ice creams I’ve licked without ever (touch wood) having suffered ill effects.

Jim Mora interviewed Kim yesterday.

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