In-flight fame

February 5, 2011

Kia Ora, Air New Zealand’s in-flight magazine, has a blog watch in its February edition.

The two blogs featured are Kiwiblog and this one about which Kia Ora says:

Kiwiblog creator David Farrar has been “fomenting happy mischief” online for nigh on eight years and his followers grow by the day, with more than 6,500 regular commenters.

Right leaning Farrar is prolific, posting up to eight time s a day on a healthy mixture of politics, the internet and technology (even asking for help with his laptop).

From the window of her North Otago farmhouse, Ele Ludemann reflects on New Zealand’s social and political world from a rural and slightly right-leaning perspective. The self-confessed media junkie also provides titillating words of the day such as “bumfuzzle.

While on the topic of blogs, Open Parachute has posted his January sitemeter rankings.

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