How to speak Maori


As a (not entirely) official ambassador of New Zealand How to Dad Jordan Watson  has graduated from parenting to language:


The Maori pronounce the vowels ah, eh, ee, oh, oo like Spanish speakers do.

When our Argentinean AFS student lived with us, he pronounced Maori words and place names much better than we did by saying them as if they were Spanish.

Rugby explained


Jordan Watson has expanded his repertoire from How to Dad to how to play rugby:

How to Dad fence climbing edition


If you haven’t already discovered How to Dad on Facebook and Youtube, here’s a good place to start:

Internet star ‘How To Dad’ has released a hilarious new video, this time teaching his baby daughter how to climb a fence.

Jordan Watson, the man behind the popular Facebook and YouTube series, demonstrates many ways of climbing a fence in the video – from the classic ‘farmer dad’ to the ungraceful ‘city slicker’ and the impressive ‘stunt man’.

He posted it to the NZ Farming Facebook page, which has been providing help and support after this week’s devastating earthquakes.

“Hopefully this gives people a brief smile while all this madness goes on. I’m up the top of the North Island so it’s not affecting me, but I know a lot of people are doing it hard. So hopefully my videos give them 10 seconds of escapism,” says Watson.

His 21-month-old daughter features in the video, watching his antics while remaining completely unimpressed. . .


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