Tied up for Tony


Parliament will be especially colourful today.

The best Health Minister in recent times, Tony Ryall, is delivering his valedictory speech this afternoon and his National Party colleagues are getting all tied up in tribute to his sartorial splendour:

Photo: On the day of his Valedictory Speech, National MPs are emulating Tony Ryall's infamous shirt-and-tie combos in tribute to an exceptional career.

Young holds New Plymouth


National’s Jonathon Young has held New Plymouth  after the counting of special votes.

His election night majority of 314 was whittled down to just 100.

Had he lost the seat it wouldn’t have made a difference to the number of National MPs because he’d have been replaced by Conway Powell, who stood for the party in Dunedin South, who is next on the list.

The make-up of parliament will be confirmed when the result of all special votes is announced at 2pm tomorrow. 

If another party gains a seat then Cam Calder, the last National MP to gain a list seat, will lose his.

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