World’s oldest sheep dies after fall


The merino wether Shrek was considered old when he died aged about 16.

But he was just a teenager in comaprison with Tiwggy, a 25 year-old ewe which met an untimely demise after falling over a cliff on the Isle of Lewis.

The blackface ewe – nicknamed Twiggy because of her scrawny appearance – was just a month short of her 26th birthday.

Crofter John Maciver put her longevity down to her still having most of her teeth, allowing her to graze easily, and her ‘independent spirit’. . .

“It is a sad end,’ said Mr Maciver, 51. ‘She was never a big sheep but she produced her last lambs three years ago and even then they were twins!  . . .

. . . The last recognised holder of the world’s oldest sheep title, Lucky, died in Australia in 2009, aged 23.

The Polwarth-Dorchester cross raised by Delrae Westgarth set the Guinness record in 2007 and was a celebrity in her home town of Lake Bolac, near Melbourne.

Guinness World Records said that since Lucky’s death it had been actively looking for a contender for world’s oldest living sheep.

It was understood that Mr Mr Maciver had not applied for the recognition for his ewe. The oldest age recorded for a sheep so far was 28 years and 51 weeks. . .

 Hat Tip: Cactus Kate

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