Where were you when . . .


My earliest memory of a major international event was the assassination of John Kennedy but I was too young to understand its significance.

I have a vague memory of watching the funeral of Winston Churchill on TV but don’t think I knew much about him at the time.

I would have been at primary school when the first man walked on the moon and while I’m sure we were taught about it so I would have understood what an achievement that was I can’t remember where I was or what I was doing when it happened.

My first clear memory of an historic event is learning that Margaret Thatcher had become Britain’s first female Prime Minister which happened 31 years ago today.

I was supervising correspondence school lessons on Great Mercury Island that year but it must have been school holidays because I heard the news on a radio while on a bus in Auckland.

It prompted excited conversation among the passengers and we wondered how long it would be before a woman led New Zealand.

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