The chocolate diet

April 24, 2011

It sounds too good to be true – chocolate might help you lose weight:

Researchers John Ashton and Lily Stojanovska have written a book full of claims many of us have waited a lifetime for – chocolate may help you lose weight.

“What we’ve found is chocolate has some surprising properties,” says Mr Ashton. “These properties include the ability to switch on hormones that promote fat burn.”

In the chocolate diet, they say the natural fats found in chocolate burn fat, whereas processed foods tell the body to store fat.

Even if it’s true there’s little joy in it for chocoholics. It’s not an invitation to eat as much chocolate as you want to and the recommendation isn’t for any chocolate:

 Experts say you should look for chocolate that’s at least 70 percent cocoa and not consume more than 25g a day.

Twenty five grams, at least 70% cocoa – that’s not very much at all and as it doesn’t include marshmallow it excludes most Easter eggs.

Sigh, the headline was too good to be true.

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