Inner beauty contest

September 22, 2009

The winners of most beauty contests  get the title because of genetic luck enhanced by make-up and grooming.

In Alexandra the Senior Blossom Festival Queen is judged on her inner beauty.

The contest was started 14 years ago, to thank the many volunteers who gave their time to help with the festival and serve on community groups.

It’s part of the the annual blossom festival. The winner Jennifer Bowie is a member of the Clyde Lauder union church which nominated her. She also serves on the Alexandra branch of the Red Cross and is a member of Dunstan Lions and the Birthright organisation.

She and the two runners-up, Christine Butler, of Clyde, representing Alexandra Citizens Advice Bureau, and Joan Shirley, of Alexandra, representing Castlewood Home, will ride on one of the floats in Saturday’s festival parade.

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