I’ve Been Everywhere


Day seven of New Zealand Music Month – I’ve Been Everywhere by John Grenell (who was better known as John Hore when this song came out).

Where’s he been?


David left a query on an old post of John Grenell singing I’ve Been Everywhere  asking where he’s been:

In the recording, there is a town (sounds like it starts with a ‘B’) at the beginning of the 3rd line of the 1st town verse … just before Rimutaka.

All of the NZ lyrics versions of this I can find online omit the town … but without it there’s not enough syllables in the line … and JG clearly sings a town before Rimutaka in the recording.

Anybody know what it is?

These lyrics omit the town David refers to, too. I’ve listened to this recording  five times and agree there’s a town between Horoeka and Rimutaka which sounds a bit like Niwaka but I can’t pick it up.

Can anyone with better ears, or knowledge of the song, help?

John Grenell – I’ve Been Everywhere


Day 11 in the NZ Music Month tune a day challenge.

He was John Hore when I listened to him on Listeners’ Requests on the radio in the 1960s.

If we all spoke as the Scots do, making a clear distinction between h and wh, he might have kept his surname, but we don’t so to avoid unfortunate confusions he adopted the name Grenell (which I think was his mother’s family name).

One of the songs for which he became famous is I’ve Been Everywhere .

The original version used Australian place names.

If you want to try singing the New Zealand version the lyrics are here.

Oh, and he did get his guitar back.


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