Tech request – updated

October 6, 2015

I updated software on my iPad on Sunday and found I couldn’t log into my blog.

I updated software on my iPhone today and can’t get into my blog on it either.

WordPress support are trying to help but haven’t yet solved the problem.

If anyone else has a solution I’d be grateful.


The tech fairy at WordPress suggested it was a problem with Safari and advised me to download Google Chrome which I did and it’s allowed me to log-in.

Schools have choices

February 4, 2014

Schools don’t have enough money?

This one does:

. . . About 250 new iPad minis were given to children starting the new year at Te Akau ki Papamoa, a decile 4 school in Bay of Plenty, yesterday.

A further 45 tablets have been ordered for late enrollers.

So far the school has invested about $50,000 to ensure all its senior students have their own device. They retail for about $450 each.

Hundreds of schools around the country have implemented “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies, where students are either told or allowed to bring electronic devices such as iPads or laptops to assist their learning.

Principal Bruce Jepsen told the Herald that concerns about such policies creating a “haves” and “have-nots” situation meant his board of trustees chose a different approach.

He said another problem with students bringing their own devices was the variety, which could hinder teachers trying to corral a classroom full of different technology.

The school already had about five iPads in every classroom – around 150 across its 500 students.

Every student in Years 4 to 6 received an iPad yesterday. The plan is to extend the programme to the junior school eventually.

While many schools would balk at the cost, Mr Jepsen said it had been possible with careful budgeting and some fundraising.

A Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust subsidy will pay 50 per cent of the initial $101,000 cost. But Mr Jepsen insisted the school was committed to the initiative with or without assistance, with another $60,000 budgeted for that purpose.

“[The grant] means we are able to progress the second phase of rolling out to the junior school a lot quicker.” . . .

Accepting that decile rankings are blunt instruments, decile four reflects a community that isn’t wealthy but careful budgeting and some fundraising has given this school choices.

That’s what happens when you allow them to make their own decisions on how to spend their money in the best interests of their pupils.

App assessment

April 10, 2012

British Prime Minister David Cameron is getting a custom-designed app for his iPad which will give him management data about his ministers’ performance.

The personalised PM app for Mr Cameron’s iPad has been under development   for months by experts in the Cabinet Office.

Previously the app had been billed as a way for Mr Cameron to keep on top of   Government business.

The software will allow the Prime Minister to see the latest NHS waiting-list   figures, crime statistics, unemployment numbers and a wide variety of other   data at a glance.

However officials are now working on ways for the app to be used to evaluate   ministers’ performance, using points-based evaluation systems from   corporate life.

One source said that it was quite natural for Mr Cameron to use points-based   assessment techniques used by chief executives in big companies.

Ministers could be ranked between 1 and 5, with 1 being excellent and 5 being   very poor, and evaluated at regular intervals by 10 Downing Street.

An app which gives an objective assessment of performance is a good idea – and not just for Prime Ministers.

Apple and Adobe

January 10, 2012

Dear Apple & Adobe,

The first day I got an iPad I clicked on something and got a message saying it didn’t support Adobe Flash Player?

That same message has popped up far too often since.

I don’t know what the history is between your two companies and whether it’s political, inter-personal or technical issues that are causing the problem.

I do know it’s irritating.

For the sake of your customers, could you please sort it out.

Yours in frustration,


Which apps work well?

August 10, 2011

A teenager has offered to help me learn how to make the most of my new iPad but it could be a few weeks before we’re able to schedule a lesson.

In the meantime I’d welcome any advice on must-have or even nice-to-have apps.

I’ve downloaded a dictionary, a few news sites, a couple of bookshops and Google Maps (which doesn’t have the road we live on) and World flights which lists all commercial arrivals and departures.

I’ve also got Yelp which found restaurants in Hawaii but tells me it doesn’t recognise New Zealand.

What else might I find useful or entertaining?

I also have a technical problem: when I connect it to a PC for updating it tells me I’ve purchased items which haven’t been transferred to my iTunes library but I can’t work out how to do that. Any advice (in simple language as befits a digital immigrant) would be appreciated.

Do I need an iPad, is android better?

May 16, 2011

A visiting teenager had an iPad (the original model, not the new one).

I asked him to tell me why I needed one and he was a very good salesman.

He talked me through its features and convinced me I wanted one: it’s smaller and lighter than a notebook making it more convenient for travel; it could provide easier access to the internet for email, blogging and news;  being able to download books would reduce weight when travelling . . .

But want isn’t need and I had questions the teenager couldn’t answer.

The biggest of these is: what happens if you haven’t got an iPhone – can you use a t-stick or android phone to get internet access from an iPad?

I went to a shop and the salesman there wasn’t nearly as good as the teenager and couldn’t answer my questions either.

Then I started reading and found out there were Android alternatives to the iPad which might be better.

So, if I found I needed a tablet (and the jury is still out on that) which is better – iPad or Android?

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