Independence Day


It’s the fourth of July here which is Independence Day in the USA, except it’s only July the third there.

It’s still the third in Egypt where a full military coup has ousted President President Mohamed Mursi.

Egypt’s army deployed tanks and troops close to the presidential palace in Cairo on Wednesday after a military deadline for Islamist President Mohamed Mursi to yield to street protests passed without any agreement.

Mursi’s national security adviser said a military coup was under way as armed forces commander General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met political, religious and youth leaders.

Egypt’s state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported on its website that the army told President Mohamed Mursi at 7 p.m. (1700 GMT) that he was no longer head of state. It quoted a presidential source.

Meanwhile the state news agency MENA said they would make a joint announcement of a roadmap for a new transitional period and new elections two years after the overthrow of autocratic ex-president Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising. . .

Hopes were high that the Arab Spring would bring democracy, and prosperity, to Egypt.

Two years later those hopes have yet to be realised.

Happy Independence USA.

Good luck Egypt.

Feliz día de independencia Argentina


Happy Independence Day, Argentina.

The 9th of July is permanently commemorated in Buenos Aires by Avenida 9 de julio, which is about a kilometre long and up to 14 lanes wide.

Independence Day


Happy Independence Day to the USA.

This time last year we were in New York and watched the Macy’s fireworks display from the deck of the aircraft carrier, now museum, Intrepid.

Walking back to our hotel we serendipitously wandered into Don’t Tell Mama which served delicious food.


Unity gives power


It’s July 4th here but still yesterday in the USA so I’m getting in early in wishing them a happy Independence Day.

When I was studying in Spain I was bemused by the Anti-Americanism among many of my fellow students who came from all parts of the world.

A lot of it seemed to be based on envy of its power. One day I said to the Europeans, it was the united bit which gave the USA its power and that Europe could be as powerful if they provided a united front.

“But,” one replied, “They have many states under one government, we have many countries, each with an independent government,. The European Union provides economic unity but we’ll never be able to provide a really united front.”

El 9 de julio


It’s Independence Day in Argentina – the anniversary of the declaration of independence in 1816.

That date is commemorated in many ways. Several cities have named streets after the date – 9 de julio – including Argentina’s, and the world’s, widest avenue, in Buenos Aires.

Like all countries with Latin heritage, Argentina knows how to celebrate. The clip below is of part of the celebrations for the bicentennial of the country’s May Revolution.

Hat tip for the video: Mama in Macondo

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