Will he, won’t he


Quote of the day:

There are two very different theories on how Peters will conduct himself in the coming Parliament.

One is that he will spend the next three years rebuilding his somewhat tarnished reputation and seek to become the feisty elder statesman.

The other is that he will come out with all guns blazing seeking vengeance on those who he believes did him wrong. . .

. . . His performance in Parliament will be interesting.

Peters was a master of the use/misuse of Standing Orders (the rules of Parliament) to make has mark and in particular using points of order to make political points.

Those rules have changed a great deal in Peters three year absence, as has Lockwood Smith’s interpretation of them.

It is unlikely that Peters will agree with the changes and it is hard to imagine him keeping his displeasure to himself. Ian Llewellyn

Will he act with reason and decorum or won’t he?

Or should the question be not if he’ll act true to form but when?

Punters at iPredict reckon there’s a 52% probability Lockwood Smith or another presiding officer will throw Winston Peters out of the House of Representatives by 17 March 2012 and a 69% probability Mr Peters will be ordered to leave the House of Representatives by 31 March 2012

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