Left launches petition for recount


The people have spoken but some people don’t believe what they said:

Something doesn’t seem right with recent the New Zealand election. Evidence of fraudulent voting and it makes no sense that people would local vote left and party vote right. Is this another case of Electoral Fraud?

These are the words of Hon Sir Hugh Williams, KNZM, Q.C., LLM who thinks the result was rigged.

He’s not alone, 7,775 people have signed his petition.

Where’s the evidence of fraudulent voting and how on earth could anyone rig results in almost every polling booth in the country?

Some people choosing to vote left with their electorate vote and right with their party vote does make sense.

Labour didn’t run a party vote campaign and several of its candidates didn’t even try for party votes.

Good local MPs gain personal support which crosses party boundaries. People who felt loyalty to or appreciation of them might well tick them for the electorate but split their vote and give their party vote to National.

The result isn’t evidence of fraud.

It’s evidence that nearly half the people who voted think National’s prescription is working for New Zealand and that they weren’t attracted to the policies proffered by Labour and its potential allies.


Sir Hugh  is chair of the Electoral Commission – please tell me the Facebook petition is a joke and it’s not really him.

Phew – I misread the page. The petition is addressed to, not being organised by, Sir Hugh.

The organiser is a Josk K.

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