In-flight fame


Kia Ora, Air New Zealand’s in-flight magazine, has a blog watch in its February edition.

The two blogs featured are Kiwiblog and this one about which Kia Ora says:

Kiwiblog creator David Farrar has been “fomenting happy mischief” online for nigh on eight years and his followers grow by the day, with more than 6,500 regular commenters.

Right leaning Farrar is prolific, posting up to eight time s a day on a healthy mixture of politics, the internet and technology (even asking for help with his laptop).

From the window of her North Otago farmhouse, Ele Ludemann reflects on New Zealand’s social and political world from a rural and slightly right-leaning perspective. The self-confessed media junkie also provides titillating words of the day such as “bumfuzzle.

While on the topic of blogs, Open Parachute has posted his January sitemeter rankings.

Tumeke blog rankings


Tim Selwyn has published the July rankings for the New Zealand bologsphere on Tumeke!

Kiwkblog and Public Address retain first and second places respectively.

The Standard and Whaleoil swap places at third and fourth.

Frogblog, Not PC and No Minister are steady at numbers five, six and seven and The Hive is up one place to eight.

No Right Turn is down one to nine. Tumeke!, Poneke, Inquiring Mind and Cactus Kate retain their places from 10 to 13.

Keeping Stock is impressively up 11 at 14; New Zealand Conservative has jumped seven to 15 and Homepaddock has moved up five to 16.

The Visible Hand in Economics is down one to 17, Liberty Scott is steady at 18, the Dim Post moves up 13 to 19; and The Hand Mirror is down six to 20.

Links to all these sites are on my blogroll.

Tim comments:

Apart from the bronze, the top dozen are rather static. The big movers seem to be the more right wing blogs that have picked up their traffic count and content output – the latter driving the former most likely: Keeping Stock, NZ Conservative and Home Paddock helping to displace left Labour blogs of Jordan Carter and Tony Milne.

The ranking is based on Alexa rank for traffic plus the number of posts, comments and links.

Thanks, Tim for the time and effort you put it working it all out and thanks to all of you who visit, link and comment and thereby contribute to Homepaddock’s improved place.

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