Green thumbs on Critical Mass


My wandering round the blogosphere for Critical Mass had a green-thumbed theme, visiting gardeners who blog.

Out from Under My Hat has gardening advice, musings and photos from Art Mama whose philosophy is live simply, love uniquely, learn abundantly, create beauty.

Heritage Irises is a celebration of these beautiful bulbs by Iris Hunter, from East Taratahi in the Waiarapa. I was hooked from the moment I read the quote at the top:

I appreciate the misunderstanding I have had with Nature over my perennial border. I think it is a flower garden; she thinks it is a meadow lacking grass, and tries to correct the error.
Sara Stein

The photos are stunning and accompanied by interesting background information.

Our Wee Farm is the work of Laura who shifted with her husband from a Glasgow townhouse to a 24 acre farm in Northland. Her posts cover their vegetable garden, animals, sewing, fishing, friends and recipes with lots of photos. She has also entered the 365 day photographic journey challenge – posting a photo a day which you can see at livelifelovethroughthelens.

We ran out of time to do justice to Robert Guyton, nurseryman, gardener, columnist and new Environment Southland councillor who celebrates a giant daikon (Japanese radish).

The inspiration for the green-thumbed theme came from Quote Unquote who started competitive gardening after reading about Dim Post’s Labour Weekend.

Did you see the one about . . .


Milk and health: there aren’t always two (equal) sides to a story – what Alison Campbell at Sciblogs  learned at the gym; she also had a trip to the optometrists because of flashes in the eye.

John Freeman on Shrinking the World – Quote Unquote learned about slow communication at Writers and Readers.

Finger tutting – Ozy Mandias Warning on geometircal dexterity.

Heritage Irises – a blog celebrating irises which gives a promise of spring to brighten winter.

Four essential questions for government – Inquiring Mind on the need to focus on benefit and value.

Murphy’s Law – RivettingKateTaylor had one of those moments when Toyota isn’t strong enough.

At the risk of stirring old broth – Laughy Kate has a number joke which leads to a number of others in the comments.

Book sales, frumpy readers and mental rotation of book titles – Grant Jacobs from Sciblogs went to the Regent Theatre 24 hour book sale.

Congratulations to the Visible Hand in Economics on 1000 posts .

And an announcement that Agridata has moved to

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