Does not compute


The Healthy Food Guide I bought yesterday had two prices printed on the cover.

One was $5.50 including 12.5% GST before October 1 the other, from October 1 was $5.70 including GST of 15%.

Does that mean the extra 2.5% on the cost of the magazine is 20 cents?

I didn’t think so and the handy TV3 calculator confirmed my doubt – the GST increase will be 12 cents.

The company could have rounded the price down to $5.60 but has chosen to round it up eight cents to $5.70.

It may be able to justify the extra eight cents because of other price rises but it shouldn’t try to blame it on GST.

Skinny Chocolate Brownie


Saturday’s recipe is a day late and I’m cheating this week by linking to it.

A skinny Chocolate Brownie sounds like an oxymoron and often less of the ingredients we’re supposed to eat less of sacrifices taste and texture.

The Healthy Food Guide’s Chocolate Brownie is a delightful exception to that. It’s lowish in fat and sugar but still tastes delicious.

This is what it looks like (photo from the website, but it looks very like this when I cook it too):

The recipe is here.

I sometimes use hazel nuts instead of walnuts.

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