Missing the point


The Opposition is concerned that possible changes to the provision of patient meals in public hospitals will result in job losses.

Health Minister Tony Ryall explains the reason for a possible streamlining of services:

“The health service is looking at how we can provide a better service with improved quality of food but in a more collective way, that saves money which can be ploughed back in to front line services.

“The vast majority of hospital kitchens are already contracted out to private businesses,” Mr Ryall says.

“I am told the consultation could see two or more major new kitchens providing food services across the country. That would result in a number of other hospital kitchens being downsized, but HBL says food quality would be maintained and improved.

The purpose of hospitals is not to employ people.

It is to provide health services.

Changes which enable them to provide more and better services at a lower cost should be applauded.

The Opposition miss the point.

Job losses would be unfortunate for those concerned but that’s not a justification for not seeking improvements to the cost and provision of health services.


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