Losing her head


The Hay family have been holidaying in Kurow for several years and have always been exemplary visitors.

They’re the sort of quiet, well behaved family you’d hope to find next to you at a camping ground.

But this year Ms Hay lost her head:

The photo was taken on New Year’s eve, the day after the Kurow races so perhaps she’d got carried away at post-race celebrations.

It was a temporary loss of composure, Ms Hay had her head securely back on her shoulders when I passed through Kurow last week:

A photo from the family’s 2010 holiday is here and from the 2009 holiday is here.

Holidaying Hays have new pet


The Hay family has been holidaying in Kurow for several years.

Last summer their pet dog accompanied them.


They’re back again this year with a new pet:

Someone with more knowledge of sheep breeds is welcome to correct me, but it look like a merino ram:

If it is and anything like Sputnik, the merino ram our neighbours had in lieu of a lawn mower when I was a child, I’d advise to approach it with caution.

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