Where have all the young men gone?


Author Hannah August was interviewed about her new book “No Country for Old Maids” on Q + A yesterday.

The intro said there are 65,000 more women than men in the 25-49 age group.

That might have been the norm after World War I and II when so many young men were killed. But it’s 70 years since WWII ended and there hasn’t been any plagues or petulance pestilence that struck males harder than females.

The birth rate of boys is usually slightly higher than that for girls. Death rates for boys and young men are usually a bit higher than those for girls and young women as a result of suicide and accident.

But neither or those explain this big difference.

Graphs here on the numbers of males and females in each electorate .

Could the difference be due to something as simple as young men being far less likely than women to fill in census forms and enrol to vote?

If not, where have all the young men gone?

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