Gumboot Friday


Fred Dagg sang in praise of gumboots.

They are essential footwear for work or play when it’s mucky underfoot but even with the best on your feet it’s not easy to walk through mud.

That’s what depression can feel like, dragging yourself through mud all day, every day and that was the inspiration behind GumbootFriday.


Fred Dagg – Gumboot Song


Day 14 of the tune a day challenge for New Zealand Music Month and we’re going rural with John Clarke, aka Fred Dagg, and the Gumboot Song.

Fred, or John, adapted the Welly Boot Song which Billy Connolly made by adapting The Work of the Weavers.

They don’t make gumboots like they used to, but they don’t wear them like they used to either.

A rural principal organising a gathering for city colleagues included a tour of a cow shed and took the precaution of advising the visitors bring their gumboots.

A few had to buy some specially, one had never even owned a pair – and showed it by not tucking her trousers inside the boots when they got to the mucky bits.

If city kids don’t own gumboots any more what do they wear when they’re playing in the mud, or don’t they do that anymore either?

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