Move over Babe


Babe’s sheep herding success changed the way many regarded sheep, could this do the same for rabbits?

STOCKHOLM — Champis the bunny doesn’t only hop – he also knows how to herd his masters’ flock of sheep, possibly having picked up the skill after watching trained dogs do the job. . . 

Greta Vigren said she first noted his talent last spring when they let out the sheep to graze for the first time after the long Swedish winter.

“He just started to behave like a sheepdog,” she recalled, adding that while he likes to round up the sheep, he is consistent about leaving the farm’s hens alone, treating them more gently.

“He’s like a king for the whole group. He thinks he rules over both the sheep and the hens. He has a very big ego.”

But wiat, there’s more: Champis the rabbit also saved a hen from a ram.

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