Tied up


I haven’t had to wear a tie since I was at high school when I tied it at the start of term and just loosened it and slipped it on and off until it had to be washed.

Quite why this useless accessory has persevered is a thesis topic awaiting a grant.

But persevere it does and here, as a public service for those who have to tie up, is pictorial assistance from Graphjam:

You're Welcome

Are we there yet?


A car trip thought from GraphJam:

funny graphs - But I Have to Go to the Bathroom!

Some people should have thought of this before last weekend


Things done vs things to do


 I’m supposed to be writing an essay.

The deadline is Wednesday.

Today is the only full day I have clear for writing it.

So what have I done?

Lots of work avoidance:

Things to do



Sad but true


Saturday’s Smiles


It had to be related to Simon and Garfunkel:


song chart memes

From GraphJam

SInging from the same song sheet:

Hat Tip: MatthewL Musings


Red faced relativity


The law of red faced relativity states that your propensity for stupidity is directly related to the number and importance of the people watching:


You can build your own graph at GraphJam

Cheap, quick and healthy



song chart memes

Quick, cheap and healthy sounds like a Tui ad. It comes from GraphJam.

Files overloaded


There’s a theory that we never forget anything.

Everything we’ve ever known is still there, filed away in the dim dark recesses of our memories.

That theory doesn’t explain why the things we need to remember are buried under things we don’t, but this Venn diagram illustrates the problem:


Hat Tip to The Hand Mirror for pointing me at GraphJam.

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