Grabaseat Straightup fares


Air New Zealand’s Grabaseat has introduced straight up fares for passengers who can ‘stand it’.

Cheap airfare website grabaseat lowered ticket prices even further today with the launch of ‘straight up fares’ – standing-room-only tickets on planes which are already full.

Effective immediately, aircraft on selected grabaseat domestic routes will be fitted with hand-straps attached from the ceiling, in a style instantly familiar to anyone who’s travelled to work on a bus. Unlike buses, passengers will not be able to request stops.

Thanks to the design innovation, capacity on a 737-300 will be increased from 133 passengers to 202 passengers. The additional 69 passengers will pay a substantially discounted ticket price, as consideration for the reduced inflight comfort, and the involuntary stranger-touching during turbulence.

grabaseat manager Duane Perrott says the idea for these new fares came from customer feedback:

“People always say to me ‘Duane, we love buses, but we hate how they can’t travel a thousand kilometres an hour, or traverse large bodies of water’.Well thanks to our new ‘straight up fares’, our customers can now have the best of both worlds – the speed and distance of air travel, plus the snug affordability of standing up on a bus.”

Perrott says grabaseat also has an option for older passengers who may not be tall or flexible enough to enjoy the new fares.

“We’ve modified a couple of Jolly Jumpers and hung them in the gap between the aft toilets”, he says proudly. “We wanted to offer our elderly customers a solution with dignity, and I’m proud to say we’ve achieved that.”

Full pricing details and availability can be viewed at

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Loving that roof


It was raining steadily when we got to Dunedin late yesterday afternoon and we were more than a little damp by the time we got to the stadium.

Bu once inside, out of the rain and the wind, we were able to enjoy the pre-match entertainment from the Army Band and the fun of being part of a near-capacity crowd at an international fixture without being distracted by the wet and cold.

The Forsyth Barr stadium was a controversial project and some are still concerned about its cost. But it is a wonderful facility and there is no doubt that putting a roof on it has made it much more comfortable for spectators and players.

Whoever is in charge of building whatever will replace the Christchurch stadium should be consulting the people behind Dunedin’s and going for a roof too.

And the rugby? To my admittedly inexpert eyes, England never even approached top gear and the 67-3 score said more about Romania being mis-matched than the English team performing well.

They struggled against Argentina in their first match, last week the score in the game against Georgia flattered them and last night they showed little if any flair.

The question is, is that it or will they be able to go up several notches when they’re really tested in the quarter finals?

A couple of young Scots were sitting behind us. We asked why they weren’t in Wellington to support their own team. They said they’d had tickets for Christchurch, built their itinerary round that and it was too expensive to fly from Queenstown to Wellington so they were making the most of the Rugby World Cup experience.

We didn’t tell them our nephew and his Argentinean wife got cheap seats to fly up from Dunedin and will be at the Cake Tin today cheering on Los Pumas.

We’d booked a table at Filadelfio’s to enable us to combine dinner with watching the All Blacks vs France.

It’s too soon to relax, there are a lot of important games to go  yet. But last night’s 37-17 win  was a wonderful way for Richie McCaw to celebrate his 100th match for the All Blacks.

Like Inventory 2, I was moved to watch an obviously ill Jock Hobbs present Richie with the silver test cap.

P.S. – We noticed a photographer with a big lens on the catwalk high above the ground. It wasn’t us he was looking for though, it was Zara Philliips and he found her.

P.P.S. – The curtain raiser was a few hours before the main game. The Nude Blacks met the Romanian Vampires (with fangs and cloaks but sans clothes) in a match at Larnach Castle earlier in the day. (Don’t click the link if you’re offended by nudity).

Full credit to whoever saw the marketing opportunity – the Nude Blacks were sponsored by grabaseat and Bottom Bus.

graba opportunity


Air New Zealand has grabbed the opportunity to have a bit of fun with its grabaseat advertising:

Apropos of Harawira’s behaviour, goNZo Freakpower has come across a school report.

UPDATE: Cactus Kate sees another angle.

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