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Film director Geoff Murphy has died.

Filmmaker Geoff Murphy has died aged 80. One of the pioneers of the modern New Zealand film industry, he’s perhaps best remembered for the highly successful Utu and the road movie with a special place in New Zealanders’ affections, Goodbye Pork Pie. . . 

Goodbye Pork Pie was the first film I saw that was distinctively  a New Zealand film with places I recognised and people who sounded like people I knew.


Hello again Pork Pie


The 1981 movie Goodbye Pork Pie  made a comeback today with MINI New Zealand releasing its remake of the films iconic Lake Hawea chase scene.

The scene, which features a number of ‘new originals’ including a new Director, new cast and the all new MINI Hatch in place of the original 1978 model, has been created to celebrate the launch of the new model released to the New Zealand market in April.

MINI Marketing Manager Simonne Mearns says the remade scene is the perfect ‘launch vehicle’ for the new MINI Hatch.

“The latest MINI is full of a number of new features – enough to warrant us making a big scene about it. Which is exactly what we did.”

“Goodbye Pork Pie was the perfect fit for MINI. There is definitely a little ‘Blondini’ inherent in the brand; we like to test the boundaries and push the limits, and a cheeky attitude is part of MINI’s ethos.”

“In addition, like the Blondini Gang, we are always up for the challenge – which in this case was remaking one of the tougher, but more iconic scenes from what is one of New Zealand’s most-loved movies. We are stoked with the result and hope Kiwis will enjoy it,” she says.

This is a feeling that shared by remake director Matt Murphy who thinks “that most New Zealanders will be intrigued by the remade scene. The image of the new volcanic orange MINI being chased by a replica police car somehow translates to the original movie really easily. At the same time, it is also new.”

In responding to what he believes his father might think of the remade scene, Murphy says, “My father knows of the project. You’ll have to ask him what he thinks, but I’d say he’s chuffed that the Pork Pie story still generates a significant following.” . .  .

You can watch the remake and a behind the scenes video here.

You can watch it on YouTube and here’s the original trailer:

My first car was a mini so Goodbye Pork Pie had particular resonance for me.

I can remember the determination to take the car to Invercargill – but does anyone remember why they wanted to go there?

Second Hand Wedding first rate film


A film in which a yellow mini has a cameo role? No, it’s not an update of Goodbye Pork Pie, but Second Hand Wedding is directed by Paul Murphy, whose father Geoff directed Pork Pie and I’d give it four stars.


It’s a gentle story about life, love, family and a mother with a penchant for garage sales. It may not make anyone think but it made me laugh and there were also moments when my eyes got moist – the reason for the latter escaped my farmer who was watching it with me, but he said he enjoyed it too.


Don’t rush away as soon as the credits roll, there’s a vignette among them to ensure you walk out of the theatre with a grin.


[Update: Poneke  gives a fuller and more fulsome review.

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