Ko claims silver

August 21, 2016

Golfer Lydia Ko has won a silver medal.

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She showed a commendable sporting sense in her win:

. . . Ko was celebrating winning silver rather than commiserating a lost gold.

“You win a gold, silver or bronze medal this week. Sometimes people get carried away and say you ‘lost’ to someone but, no matter the result, you won. You’ve done great.

“Seeing athletes with these medals on tv affected me more than I ever imagined. Seeing other New Zealanders winning on social media made me want to make my contribution to the tally.”

Ko appreciated the support on course.

“Seeing athletes like [rower] Eric Murray or the women’s sevens team out here has been great. I feel like I played better hearing their support coming down the stretch. It felt like I was playing back home.”  . . . 


“Having this silver medal is just a dream come true. The Olympics isn’t about [whether] somebody lost to another player. It celebrates each and every athlete and we’ve all won. This week has just been surreal.”

New Zealand is 19th on the medal table. New Zealand is 19th on the gold medal table and 14th for total medals.

The 17 medals won, four gold, nine silver and four bronze is the best yet.


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