Wee drop in milk price


The average price of milk in this morning’s globalDairy Trade auction dropped .8% on a Trade Weighted Basis.


   The average price for Whole Milk Powder was down slightly (1.2%) to US$3,932 per tonne.

Skim Milk Powder was down 1.4% to US$3,612.

Anhydrous Milk Fat was up 4.4% to US$5,020 per tonne.


globalDairy Trade price up slightly


The average price for whole milk in Fonterra’s monthly globablDairy Trade auction increased .8% to $3,281 per tonne.

The anhydrous milk fat (AMF) price was down 5.4% to US$3,959 a tonne.

Skim milk powder (SMP), which was included for the first time, sold for $US2,927.

Fonterra chair Sir Henry Van der Heyden said adding SMP is in line with the company’s plans to offer a wider range of products on-line and provide a transparent reference price.


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