It pays to look down


In Milan, as in many older cities it pays not just to look up, but also to look down.

The floor of the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele is decorated by intricate mosaics.

Among them is this one.


Legend suggests rubbing your heel on the bull’s testicles will bring luck.

So many people have done so they’ve hollowed out a hole in the mosaic.

The most expensive vegetables in the world


The Galleria Vittoria Emanuele which goes off Milan’s Duomo Plaza has a lot to recommend it including its architecture and cafes.

But if you’re dining at one of the latter, do be careful about the prices.

We eat a lot of vegetables at home and when we travel often feel a vitamin deprived so when I saw grilled vegetables on the menu I ordered them to accompany my pasta.

They arrived, artfully arranged: two slivers of zucchini, two strips of pepper, one slice of aubergine and a wee bit of fennel.

More just a very expensive garnish than a plate of vegetables –  the dish cost 10 euro which is about $NZ23.


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