366 days of gratitude


Freesias symbolise innocence, thoughtfulness, trust, friendship and sweetness.

I didn’t know that until I looked it up this evening and also found:

Freesia is both the common and scientific name for these delicate flowers. They gained their name when botanist Christian P Ecklon named them after a fellow botanist,  Friedrich H. T. Freese as a tribute to their friendship. It is said that freesias symbolize friendship to honor the bond between Ecklon and Freese.

The scent of freesias take me back to my mother’s garden and the small, creamy white Freesia Burtoni.

A friend gave me some bulbs years ago and they multiplied beautifully but when we extended the garage the garden where they grew was covered in concrete before I was able to rescue them.

They are very difficult to come by now, usually only found in old gardens, and I haven’t been able to find any more.

But my garden does have several clumps of more modern varieties which do still smell gorgeous and I’m grateful for them.





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