Truth hurts but could help

September 23, 2018

Fraser High School principal Virginia Crawford has upset pupils for telling the truth.

Fraser High School principal Virginia Crawford told the student body they were more likely to end up victims of domestic abuse, or even be raped, if they wagged school.

“Every student who walks out of the gate to truant is already a statistic of the worst kind, highly likely to go to prison, highly likely to commit domestic violence or be a victim of domestic violence, be illiterate, be a rape victim, be a suicide victim, be unemployed for the majority of their life, have a major health problem or problems, die at an early age, have an addiction – drugs, gambling, alcohol or smoking,” she said at a full-school assembly on Thursday. 

A staff member told Newshub students are planning a “mass wag” for Monday in protest. . . 

Wag they might but that won’t alter the truth in the principal’s comment.

Truency is usually a symptom of some problems and the cause of others.

It might be a symptom of abuse, addiction, hunger, learning difficulties or a multitude of other problems.

It can also be the cause of crime, whether the truent is the perpetrator or victim and the other social and health problems the principal lists.

This truth hurts but if it leads to people taking truency as the serious problem it is, and acting on it, it could also help turn young people from a wrong and dangerous path.

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