365 days of gratitude

November 25, 2018

My introduction to classical music came through my best friend.

Hers was a very musical family. She and her sisters played in the school orchestra and I used to sit through rehearsals, waiting for a ride home.

My farmer’s family is also musical. His sister taught our daughter the violin with the Suzuki method which requires parental input.

That our daughter succeeded owes far more to the teacher and her own ability than any contribution from me but the experience added to my appreciation of classical music.

These days it often plays in the background as I work. Often I choose pieces with which I am familiar but sometimes I came across something new to me and last week I was delighted to be introduced to Pachelbel’s Forest Garden by Adam Smith at Inquiring Mind.

I’ve listened to it several times since then, and tonight, I’m especially grateful for the way it helps me relax.

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