If Goff can’t who can?

July 31, 2010

It’s not impossible for Labour to win the next election with Phil Goff as leader.

What those of us in the blue ranged of the spectrum would regard as a disaster and those in the red range might call a miracle, could happen. But it is unlikely.

That begs the questions: If Labour can’t win with Goff as leader, could it win with anyone else in that very hot seat?

The Australian Labor Party is ahead in the polls after a change of leader, but it wasn’t battling the 20 point gap with Labour does here.

That gap could narrow but it is unlikely to close altogether – with or without a different leader.

Even Labour insiders are admitting that. Trevor Mallard said on Focus on Politics last night (starting at 6:16):

No-one in caucus that I know thinks that anyone could do a better job than Phil has done. I think many of us know it’s going to be hard to win the next election. But it’s possible and Phil is the person who can do that and no-one else can.

When a senior MP says that Labour’s unlikely to win and if Goff can’t lead Labour to an election victory no-one else it’s hardly likely to inspire voter confidence in the party regardless of whoever is leading it next year.

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