Two races


Today the race that is said to stop two nations will be run as never before.

The Melbourne Cup will still get attention on both sides of the Tasman Sea but without  the fashion and fun that are usually the focus at Flemington Racecourse.

The race is another victim of Covid-19 and will be run with no spectators.

The other race which has world-wide attention, and the outcome of which is far more important,  is the one for the President of the USA.

Polls favour the Democrat challenger Joe Biden over the incumbent Republican Donald Trump but the polls four years ago favoured Hillary Clinton.

Whether or not the polls reflect the outcome this time, they won’t answer a question about the quality of the candidates.

We have only five million people which is a relatively shallow pool from which to fish good leaders.

How, when the USA has a population of more than 300 million can these two men be the best candidates the country can come up with?

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