Quote of the week


“I’m not a political blogger and have no intention of getting in to the heated discussions about unions, multi-national big boys, leanings to the left or to the right and who is responsible for swinging dollar and possible tourist industry collapse. There are plenty to follow if you want to read them.

All I know is, I love drawing and creating stuff. I’ve always done it and hope I always will. It is what I trained for at tertiary level and have spent the last 30 years as a freelancer doing. . . The film industry is one area that employs enormous talent in copious quantities when a project of this magnitude comes into town. And as I marched with it last Wednesday, I wondered what we all will do if it comes to an end. After all, there are only so many supermarkets who will employ highly trained artists as shelf stackers isn’t there?”

               From The Misty Mountain of Unemployment by Fifi Colston at Fifi Verses the World

Tuesday’s poem


This Tuesday’s poem is The Jubilant Butter Thief chosen by Fifi Colston.

The sidebar has links to other blogs who post a Tuesday poem – their own or what my Scottish aunt would call some other body’s. Among these are: Family Man by Tim Jones;  Claire Beynon’s choice Late in the Day by David Howard and Mary McCallum’s A Poem.

Tuesday’s poem on Wednesday


This week’s Tuesday’s poem is Come Here At  Once by Emma Barnes.

The sidebar on the left links to other Tuesday’s poems, I particularly enjoyed All Washed Up A dirty conversation between the kids  by Fifi Colston.

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