Wrong priorities

May 1, 2018

Labour can’t afford its campaign promise of cheaper GP fees :

. . . Health Minister David Clark said the Government would meet all its promises over the course of the term, but its GP policy would have to be phased in. 

“We are not going to release details of Budget announcements today, but I think the public understands that we do need to prioritise policies. . . 

The government doesn’t need to subsidise GP fees for the wealthy but ensuring primary health care is affordable for lower income people ought to be one of its top priorities.

It not only helps with quality of life it can prevent the development of more serious, and more costly, health conditions.

Having to back-track on this election promise shows it’s got it’s priorities wrong.

What’s more important – fee-free tertiary education for all, $1 billion for projects in the regions which may or may not be worthwhile or more affordable health care for those in most need?

Free water not valued, free education is?

August 31, 2017

A very good question:

Free water is considered inefficiently used, not valued so let’s TAX IT, but free tertiary education for all and that’s different?

Except that water isn’t free to use.

No-one pays for water but we all pay to use it through charges for infrastructure, delivery and, if it’s potable, treatment.

Taxpayers already cover more than 70% of tertiary fees.

It’s perfectly reasonable to ask students to pay a small proportion of their fees.

That would recognise the personal benefit they get from their education and make it more likely they value it.

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