Ease of voting not issue


The low voter turn out at the last election is regarded as cause for concern and the Electoral Commission is considering on-line voting in the hope it would help.

But is ease of voting the issue?

Lindsay Mitchell looked at the results of a survey of people who didn’t vote and put it down to political mindlessness, laziness, the inability to discern, fatalism and lack of interest.

None of those is likely to change with on-line voting.

I regard the right to vote as both a right and a privilege and do my best to exercise it intelligently although those who disagree with my views may question that.

But not everyone sees it that way and if they don’t know enough, can’t be bothered, don’t understand, think it doesn’t matter or just don’t care, would making it easier to vote make much difference?

It isn’t very difficult to vote now. The problem which needs addressing isn’t ease of voting but engagement with politics and interest in voting.


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